Take the Marley Coffee Pledge and Be #CoffeeConscious

Marley Coffee Morning Playlist

*This post is presented by Marley Coffee. Mom Fabulous received samples, but all opinions are my own.

Last week I shared on Facebook and Instagram my morning playlist, which included my favorite Bob Marley song ‘Three Little Birds’. This is the perfect list of songs to listen to while drinking your morning Marley Coffee and getting your brain set for the day. And yes, if you’re curious, Marley Coffee was started by one of Bob Marley’s sons Rohan Marley. His goal was to start a company grounded on the tenants of the Marley family heritage of love, passion and social responsibility.

One Bag. One Cup. One Love.

I’m on week 3 of switching to Marley Coffee every morning and not only does it have an incredibly rich and smooth flavor, but the company has made it its mission to help coffee consumers reduce their waste of single serve cups. How? By introducing the first easy-to-recycle single serve solution  – the Eco-Cup.

How can you help?

Step one, take the Marley Coffee pledge via their Facebook page.

Marley Coffee Pledge Marley Coffee Pledge-01 Marley Coffee Pledge-02

As you can see, 10 billion single serve cups arrive in our land fields annually. And that’s just in North America alone.

Step two of how you can  help is to reuse K-cups, switch to recyclable Marley EcoCup capsules, start a compost pile or even create an amazing coffee scrub with the used grounds. It’s the little steps that can make a big impact.

Marley EcoCup capsules are extremely easy to recycle: peel off the lid of the pod, compost the grounds and discard lid and filter. Recycle outer cup where other #6 plastic recyclables are accepted. 

One Love Eco Cup

The recyclable EcoCup capsule is clear, which allows you to see both the coffee grounds and the filter through the capsule exterior. They look pretty dang cool  and the taste…you can’t beat it. Since I’ve started drinking black coffee every morning to cut down on my sugar intake, I’ve become a bit of a coffee snob. When you’re drinking just coffee and not adding all of that other stuff to it, you get the true taste of the kind of coffee you’re drinking. Marley Coffee has no bitter taste and is so smooth. The darker roasts are my favorite.

Are you ready to take the pledge? If so, head over to the Marley Coffee Facebook page to get started on making an environmental impact for the good.

A Delicious 5-Ingredient Summer Cocktail You Can Make Yourself

This post brought to you by Excelsior Wines. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Mom Fabulous.

Does the idea of making summer cocktails intimidate you a little? It’s definitely something I wasn’t comfortable with until I recently found out that it’s not as hard as I thought. With a few of the right ingredients, you most likely already have available, you can whip up drinks for your guests that look pretty and taste amazing! Summer Cocktails I absolutely love strawberries and lemon together. Whether it’s in a dessert or a cocktail like the one above, they both compliment each other so well. I pretty much always have them in my refrigerator, which makes a spontaneous cocktail hour easy peasy. Not to mention that Frontera wines are available at your local grocery store. I’m all about ease and convenience when it comes to both cooking and cocktailing. (Is that a word? It is now.) I do not like to drive all over town looking for ingredients. Frontera Wines Cocktails I made the above cocktail using a Frontera Cocktail Recipes from their website. It’s the Carmenere Strawberry Swim cocktail. Instead of Carmenere, I used Frontera Malbec and oh my goodness – it was delicious! Watch the video clip below to see just how easy it is to make this.

See? You can do this! If I can, you can. :) I sliced up strawberries and put them in my penguin Shaker (isn’t he cute?), along with a squeeze of lemon, ice and Frontera Malbec. Give it a shake. Frontera Wines Cocktails Pour it into a glass, straining it through the shaker. Frontera Wines Cocktails Top off your glass with Ginger Ale and more sliced strawberries. Frontera Wines Cocktails Add a sprig of mint for color and presentation. Frontera Wines Cocktails And voila! You have one tasty and pretty cocktail. It only took 5 ingredients and a few minutes. I could totally take on Tom Cruise in his movie Cocktail. (Or not.) Frontera Wines Cocktails I am not a beer drinker and although my husband loves the stuff, he can’t drink it very often because of the wheat. Wine is a great choice to have on hand when entertaining. You can serve a Frontera Chardonnay chilled for those hot days, or a red like their Malbec or Cabernet. Because they’re an affordable wine, as you can see below…I stocked up. The man behind me at the grocery store assumed I was having a party. “Either you’re having a really great party or a really great time alone.” 😀 Frontera Wines Cocktails Are you ready to whip up some cocktails and show off your inner Martha Stewart or Tom Cruise? Either one. Shop the wine section at your local grocery store and pick up a bottle of Frontera (or four).  For more easy cocktail recipes, visit the Frontera website or their YouTube channel. I also purchased ingredients for the Chardonnay Al Fresco and can’t wait to try it! Frontera Wines Cocktails

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An Easy & Fun Drink Idea for Kids When Entertaining

This post brought to you by Safeway, Inc.. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Mom Fabulous.

During the summer months around our home, it’s non-stop kids playing outside and embracing the freedom that this season brings. This means a nice steady flow of kids coming in and out of the house for drinks, because when it’s 90 degrees outside and you’re running around – you get thirsty! What’s the solution to keep them from coming in and out so much? A drink station of course! easy strawberry lemonade

I headed to our local Randall’s, a Safeway banner store, and picked up the new COUNTRY TIME LEMONADE STARTER Drink Mix and the new KOOL-AID EASY MIX LIQUID. I also purchased a container of strawberries and a few lemons. I love serving lemonade with sliced up lemon and strawberries because it not only taste great, but it looks fun! strawberry lemonade recipe-01

These two new drink mixes make serving drinks so easy. Each makes 3 pitchers or 6 quarts. All you do is add water and mix! The Lemonade contains 5% lemon juice when diluted with water as directed. The Kool-Aid has 11 g of sugar, compared to the 22g you’ll find in sodas.

You can prepare a pitcher full or like I did, do individual glasses. I love using mason jar glasses, well for everything, but especially for a drink station like this one. I mixed up the drinks, added some fruit, put the lids on and placed them in a bucket of ice. summer drink ideas for kids    

This makes it very convenient for anyone to grab a cold drink and they can stay out for quite awhile, getting colder and colder – which is so nice on a hot day.

summer drink ideas for kids-02  

A drink station is also a great idea for a party. Just set it up on a table and fill it with your mason jar drinks. You can change the color of the drinks you serve to match the party and also add festive touches like ribbon or twine tied around the glasses.

As I mentioned, I purchased these two new products at our local Randall’s store. Shopping at Randall’s can be a quick trip or an experience – your choice. What do I mean by “an experience”? Well, when you walk in you’re greeted by a Starbucks. I saw several ladies casually shopping with a cup of coffee in hand. How nice! There’s also a cafe area with tables and soft chairs where you can eat something from their amazing deli and salad area. Since I try not to shop hungry, I think next time I’ll grab a bite to eat and a coffee and then shop!

If you’re like me and you love to try new products, Randall’s makes it super easy to spot what’s new with their “Discover What’s NEW!” tags. I snapped a picture of the one by the new Barilla® Pronto™ Pasta, which I can not wait to try! This new product will help you have a pasta meal on the table even faster. All you need is a pan, some cold water and 10 minutes. Just add a Barilla® sauce, seasonings, vegetables and meat of your choice and Voila! – dinner is served. Randalls New Safeway products I picked up a couple of more New! items from Randall’s that I’m eager to try.

You may have heard of or even tried Silk® Almond Milk. Well, now they have a new Silk® Vanilla Almond Creamer! You can perk up your coffee with the taste of almonds and vanilla. It adds a light sweetness to your cup and it’s dairy free. You’ll find it right next to the other creamers.

I also purchased two new Soy Vay products: Citrus & Ginger Dressing & Sauce and Toasted Sesame Dressing & Sauce. They are the perfect blend of Asian and Jewish deliciousness and add enriched flavor to your salads and other foods.undefined

Just head into your local Safeway or Randall’s and look for their New! tags to discover what’s new at a great value. Don’t have a Safeway or Randall’s? No worries! Other Safeway banner stores include Vons, Pavilions, CARRS and Tom Thumb.

Are you ready to entertain those kiddos this summer? Set up a drink station outside to keep them hydrated and happy! summer drink ideas for kids-04

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