Giveaway: Blue Chair Bay Rum and a Coconut Rum Cocktail Recipe You Will Love

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Tomorrow, March 13th, is National Coconut Torte Day. You had me at Coconut. It is one of my all time favorite flavors. I love it in cakes, in cookies, in pies and yes, Rum. If you’ve never tried Blue Chair Bay Rum, I am so excited to introduce you to it.

Blue Chair Bay Logo

I had the opportunity to try their Coconut flavor, make a cocktail (okay, I made two) and I get to give one away to one lucky reader. The Rum goes down oh so smooth, it doesn’t bite you back and it makes some of the best cocktails I’ve ever had. The amazing part. I MADE THEM. (See, that’s me down there, making cocktails like Tom Cruise. Okay, well maybe not.)

And let me tell you. I’m no bartender. I pour wine. For my husband and myself. My friends pour their own. So the fact that I made two cocktails that tasted this amazing is a testament to the quality of Blue Chair Bay Rum.

Since March 13th is National Coconut Torte Day, how about we concoct a cocktail recipe honoring a coconut torte shall we? I searched the interwebs for a torte I hadn’t heard of before and found one called an Orange Cream Coconut Torte. Which got me thinking about Orange Creamsicles. Which then got me thinking about summer. Which led me to this recipe that I will be making once a week when it’s in the 90s and above here in the Austin, Texas heat.

Orange-Coconut Dreamsicle Cocktail

This is so easy it’s stupid.

1 1/2 oz of Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum

1 scoop of vanilla ice cream

Fill your cup with orange juice

Drink and enjoy

I decided to serve this one up Texas style. In a Mason jar. Because that’s how we do it. (Striped straw added for fanciness.)

Because my husband doesn’t eat dairy, I HAD to make him a cocktail too right? Well of course! So again. I whipped up another one that’s so simple, it’s stupid. But goodness gracious delicious. I don’t even know what to call it. Yummy Cocktail. Lemon-Lime Soda OJ Rum Deliciousness? It’s just a basic cocktail recipe people. Here’s the recipe.

1 1/2 oz Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum

2 oz Orange Juice

2 oz Sprite

Pour in order right into glass. Stir if you want. Drink up and enjoy.

Julie Coconut rum 02

Cheers to the camera man!

Julie coconut rum 03

Now how about that giveaway…Good luck! Be sure to Like Blue Chair Bay Rum on Facebook to keep up with all of their happenings and good times.

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Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipes

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Are you wanting to mix up a fun cocktail for that special someone on Valentine’s Day? I have 3 recipes for you today that includes a base which is calorie-free, sugar-free, sodium-free and gluten-free. Oh and it taste amazing too!

Valentines Day Cocktail Recipes

I’m talking about Cascade Ice Sparkling Water. I sometimes keep it in the refrigerator and it’s something my whole family enjoys. The thought of creating a cocktail for my husband and I never occurred to me! So I’m super excited to try the recipes below.

Here you go!

Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipes Featuring Cascade Ice Sparkling Water


  • Love Potion Pizzazz: To mix up the irresistible potion, mix 2oz of Cascade Ice’s Pomegranate Berry with 1oz of vodka. Add a garnish of fresh cherries and you’re ready to go! 
  • Passion Pucker-Up Cocktail: Mix up this tantalizing drink by pouring 1.5oz of tequila and 3oz of Cascade Ice Black Raspberry over crushed ice into your mixer. Next, add the juice of a lime wedge and a handful of raspberries. Garnish the cocktail with an orange wedge and you’re ready to serve! 
  • Blushing Sparkler: Mix 1oz of whipped vodka, 4oz of Cascade Ice Pink Grapefruit, the juice of a lemon wedge and a handful of ice in a mixer. Pour the cocktail into a chilled glass and garnish with lemon wedges.

A Cocktail Party with Neighbors Featuring Freixenet Sparkling Wines

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This summer we moved into a section of a neighborhood where everyone is new. New houses are being built every .236 seconds, which means there are new people, new families and new faces to meet. To me, this is exciting and is an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. To the introverts in my family, this is terrifying and my excitement is possibly annoying. But that’s okay! The introverts and extroverts in this world balance each other out quite well don’t you think?

After we moved in, it seemed like a whirlwind of busyness hit. Summer fun, then school – which meant a plethora of school activities. You know how it goes. Just busy. So you casually wave to your neighbors, never really stopping to catch their names, or if you do…you forget them by the time you shut your front door.

I have a belief system that we should know our neighbors. Really know them. Like, “Oh my goodness I’m baking cookies and don’t have a cup of sugar. Please go ask Jane next door!”. Or “Oh my gosh, my car won’t start. Hey Fred, do you have any jumper cables?” You know…neighbors helping neighbors. I’m not talking about being best friends. If that happens, awesome. I’m talking about building a community around those you live by and see (or maybe you never see each other because you rush inside!) on daily basis. 

This is where my cocktail party idea comes into play. It’s the Holidays and I want to meet my neighbors. Okay, so I’ve actually already met them all, but I want all of us to meet each other. So, I’m planning a little end of the street get to-gether. Some party food and sparkling wine courtesy of Freixenet (pronounced “fresh-eh-net”) are the perfect ingredients to get this party started.

We have people in our home a lot and one thing I have learned is, people do not want nor do they like over the top. They don’t like super fancy foods they can’t pronounce or a house that looks like it’s never been lived in. (Full disclosure: I’m still working on this always clean house fact.) They want to walk in the door in feel at home. So try not to stress. Easier said than done if you’re not used to having people over, I know.

Alright, about these Freixenet Sparkling Wines. Here’s what I set up on my party table and a little information about each wine.

[Read more...]

Help Create the Ultimate Holiday Wine Shopping List – Ends in 2 Days!

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Are you a wine lover? I sure am. In fact, my ideal date is curled up on the couch with my husband watching a movie or something recorded on the DVR with a glass of wine in my hand. He can take me out too, but as long as it involves wine. ;)

Joy to the World Wine Match I have a friend who is great at picking wines. You know who you are. But not everyone is. There have been times I just stand there and stare at all of those pretty bottles, wondering what’s good. Is that one good because it’s $25? Is that one gross because it’s $10? Sometimes I just don’t know and it’s frustrating! And there are times where I have the money to spend a little more on a bottle and times when I don’t. So what’s a person to do? Please don’t say “Skip the wine.”

Natalie MacLean has created the first ever peoples’ choice awards to crowdsource great holiday wines under $25 via social media. It’s titled “Joy to the World Holiday Wine Match.” Wine lovers have already started nominating and voting for their favorite wines so they can pour like Santa, but save like Scrooge

“Whether you want a delicious dinner party wine or a special bottle to give as a gift, this is a list that you’ll be checking more than twice for both the naughty and the nice,” says Natalie MacLean, editor of a popular wine review site

Nominations and voting close November 21st, so hurry! This is when the top 5 wines from each category will be moved to the final phase for just 12 days. Winners will be announced December 3rd, giving wine lovers suggestions for the best bottles under $25 to crack open during their holiday gatherings and meals. 

Go here for all of the details.

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