How to Store and Organize Baby Clothes

I have a major love/hate relationship with baby clothes.  When I was expecting my first baby, I was completely enamored with all of the adorable tiny sized outfits that filled stores.  And don’t even get me started on those teeny tiny shoes.  I started carefully selecting some of my favorite outfits for my baby to be.  What I didn’t really…

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How To Make Money Blogging In Any Niche

Are you struggling to make money on your blog? Are you thinking about changing niches because you can’t seem to monetize?  Though some niches may be more popular than others, there is plenty of room for any niche to be successful and profitable.  Some may say to not choose a niche that is too targeted, such as starting a blog…

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My Favorite Spot in Rome, Italy

I have a love-hate relationship with Rome, Italy. See, I lived there for 6 months in 2017. It was a joyful season of fresh spring weather, delicious and authentic food, curious sightseeing, learning the language through immersion, and plenty of walking to keep me in shape! That’s the love part. But the reality is that there were also negatives (hate…

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