5 Simple Ways To Add Christmas Cheer To Your Child’s Bedroom



Christmas is a magical time of year! Especially for children, who literally dream of nothing but gifts from Santa and homemade cookies. They see Christmas everywhere, from television shows to school activities, from sparkling store displays to the catchy songs on the radio. 

As you decorate your home this year, consider adding an extra dose of Christmas cheer to your child’s bedroom. There are small, simple ways to add decorations without breaking the bank or going overboard. The best part is that your child can help you customize the decorations for their own bedroom. Can you imagine the pure joy on your child’s face as their room transforms into a magical space for the holiday?

Here are 5 simple ways to add Christmas cheer to your child’s bedroom this year!

1 – Give your child their very own mini Christmas tree

Allowing your child to have their own Christmas tree may sound extreme. But a small tabletop option is perfect for a child’s bedroom. 

Place the mini Christmas tree on their bedroom dresser, bedside table, or in a free corner. Don’t forget to add a string of lights in your child’s favorite color too! 

Here’s the best part – your child gets to make all the decorations to go on their tree! They can string popcorn on thread, make a paper chain, or even craft a pine cone or popsicle stick ornaments. 

Have an individual tree for each of your children is a great way to keep alive family heirlooms. Let your child have one extra special ornament, like Grandma’s favorite glass bauble or a great-grandparent’s delicate trinket. 

Lastly, store each child’s ornaments in their own box so that each year they have the things they made in as a child (a popsicle sled from kindergarten, the car ornament the year they started driving, etc.). 

2 – Wrap your child’s door with wrapping paper or ribbon

Wrapping paper is inexpensive, and today you can find it in any pattern that you’d like. Why not add an extra dose of holiday cheer by wrapping your child’s door in festive wrapping paper? Try the Avengers, Frozen, Disney princesses, Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, or emojis

If you’d rather not cover the entire door with wrapping paper, try ribbon instead. You can find as much variety to ribbon as you can with wrapping paper. Mix and match Christmas patterned ribbon with superhero, Spongebob, or Super Mario ribbon. 

Wrap the door as you would wrap a present. Cover it in wrapping paper, and place the ribbon in a “T” shape. Don’t forget a nice big bow!

Why only decorate their bedroom door? Cover the closet doors too!

3 – Hang Christmas lights above your child’s bed or window

What is so spectacular about twinkling little lights? Perhaps it’s that they resemble the stars or transform a room from average to special? Whatever the reason, your little ones are sure to appreciate an extra measure of cheer in their bedroom with Christmas lights.

String them along the headboard, across the dresser, over a piece of art, or along the curtain rod. White bulbs match everything, but your kids probably want a strand in their favorite color! Give your kid the option to let them blink on and off too.

Use this as an opportunity to educate your child about turning off the lights. Teach them the danger of leaving lights on for too long. If needed, attach a time to the lights.

4 – Add Christmas sheets, blankets or pillows to your child’s bed (and a stuffed animal for good measure) 

Image from Dexorate

Santa Claus, reindeer, snowflakes, and sleds all indicate the Christmas season. Buy a special set of sheets, a new Winter comforter, a holiday blanket, or a few accessory pillows to transform your child ordinary bed into a Christmas Wonderland. 

Adding a few holiday stuffed animals will procure squeals of delight from your children too! Find a plush Rudolph, a jumbo snowflake, or a fluffy snowman to snuggle with on the nights before Christmas.

Mom tip: If you can’t afford new bed linens this year, buy them on clearance right after Christmas and save them for next year!

5 – Hang paper stars from the ceiling 

Image from Dexorate

Your child’s bedroom should look less and less like their typical room. What a fun seasonal delight! This last element is a great idea that your whole family can do together.

Make paper stars and hang them from the ceiling! Use standard sheets of paper and poster board to vary the size of the stars. You can even find tutorials for 3D stars to vary the dimensions of the whimsical decor.

Your child’s bedroom has transformed into a spectacular sight!

Can you imagine how your child’s bedroom will look? It’s lit by the dim glow of shining Christmas lights and a small tree. The paper stars reflect the dancing light. The cosy bed will be welcoming to your little one with its captivating stuffed animals and snuggly blankets. Don’t forget the decorated door too!

But even more memorable will be the overjoyed and appreciative look on your child’s face as they gaze in awe at their personal Christmas wonderland!

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