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Holiday Gift Guide

10 Hostess/Host Gift Ideas: Nordstrom Edition

Have the party invitations started arriving yet? We're actually doing quite a bit of party planning this year which feels great. Between my daughter's...
The Best Gift (for anyone!): Homemade Brownie Mix

The Best Gift (for anyone!): Homemade Brownie Mix

The power of a thoughtful gift When people come to your home, do they bring you a hostess gift? When you visit other people’s home,...

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the Kids in Your Life

It's time for another Holiday Gift Guide! I've covered gift ideas for the hostess, the man in your life and the fashion minded mom....

Holiday Gift Guide: Ideas for the Wife

It's time for another Holiday Gift Guide and this one is for the wives to show their husbands or significant other. If you're having...

Holiday Gift Guide for the Tech Loving Mom

Do you love tech gifts as much as I do? I remember the Christmas my husband gave me my first tablet. I remember the...

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