Introducing the Reversible Dress By Durga Kali


One dress, two looks. It’s a purple dress one night and an LBD the next. It’s a long blue gown for a more dressed up event and the next thing you know, it’s an LBD again.

Am I talking about some weird science experiment or something from the future? No my friends. Let me introduce you to the Reversible Dress from the Durga Kali Spring/Summer 2014 Collection.

the reversible dress 01

reversible dress 02

How does this work you ask? In just a few easy steps.

  • Button up the bottom loops at the inside hem to the waistband button
  • Flip dress inside out from color 1 to color 2

You can choose from over 60 colors and countless styles such as a cap sleeve cocktail dress, strapless belted gown and more. Imagine a bridesmaid dress you could wear again? NO WAY.

For pricing and styles, visit the Durga Kali website.



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