3 Tips for Traveling with Teenagers

Last week my husband and I took our teenage foreign exchange student on a week long vacation to Washington DC. She loves history and had the week off of school for Fall Break, plus that city has been on our list of destinations to visit. We’re always looking for an excuse to travel! Before we left, I began thinking about…

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How I Stay Fit With Only 15 Minutes of Exercise Per Day

I’ve discovered that I need to start my day with exercise. If I don’t, I feel unaccomplished, lazy, and guilty that I never got my workout in. Anybody else feel that way too? Pinpoint Your Motivations Fitness is about more than looking my best. It’s about feeling great, building strength, maximizing energy, gaining confidence, and being the best me that…

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My Must-Have Article of Travel Clothing

I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert traveler. I spent 19 consecutive months exploring 22 countries throughout Europe. I like to describe my season abroad as relational, educational, recreational, and sensational! Although the stories can (and one day will) fill up a book, I’m not here to tell you my adventurous tales. This article is about sharing a…

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