Organizing the Pantry

I’ve been obsessed with organizing the pantry in just about every house we’ve lived in. Sometimes I went a little over-board and labeled everything. Everything. After my family told me they knew that was peanut butter and they didn’t need me to label it peanut butter, well that’s when I decided labeling everything wasn’t quite necessary. We’ve been in our…

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DIY Beauty Treatments Inspired by HERSHEY’S SIMPLE PLEASURES Chocolates with Creamy Caramel

Yum. I love to eat it. I love to drink drinks with it in it (hello Caramel Frapp). I love to wear the color. I just love it. I’m talking about caramel! If you would like to get that golden summer glow from head to toe, I have a couple of DIY beauty treatments inspired by caramel courtesy of  MODERATION NATION Good Life…

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Summer Home Decorating Tips from Venetian Décor

As you know, I’m neck deep in the middle of redecorating our new home. I’ve been incorporating colors I’ve never decorated with before and it’s really brightening up our home. Some of you may even swap out your decor during the different seasons, or maybe you’re decorating a beach house or cottage. Whatever your decorating project may be, I have…

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