My Sister-in-Law Jenn Bonner, Featured in “O” Magazine & The Insider for Her Weight Loss Story

To say I am proud of my sister-in-law Jenn Bonner would be an understatement. Her weight loss journey, where she went from over 300 pounds to 140 pounds without surgery, has been featured in the May 2012 issue of O Magazine as well as The Insider. Jenn’s weightloss began when she decided to join her husband Trey Bonner on the…

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4 Tips For Getting Teens to Read

With iPods, cell phones, tablets, laptops and TV trying to use up every second of our teen‘s day, it can be hard to encourage them to read. You know – a book! It’s fun to tease our kids about reading and reminding them what a B-O-O-K is, but really, it’s no laughing matter. We have to encourage our kids to…

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Cooking with Beer – Tips & Recipes from Betty Crocker and Mario Lopez

I’m not really much of a beer drinker. I prefer a glass of wine or a rum and coke. But, I do love cooking with beer and these recipes and tips from Betty Crocker have me quite excited to steal a bottle from my husband’s little stash. đŸ™‚ Betty Crocker sent me these amazing party food recipes that are all…

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